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High Performance magazine was published quarterly from 1978 - 1997. Originally a magazine covering performance art, over time it gradually shifted its editorial focus from art that was formally adventurous to art that was socially and culturally adventurous. Back issues of the magazine can still be seen at better libraries around the world. The High Performance archive is in the collection of the J. Paul Getty Trust in Los Angeles.



The Citizen Artist:
20 Years of Art in the Public Arena. An Anthology from High Performance Magazine 1978-1998

Edited by Linda Frye Burnham & Steven Durland
Published by Critical Press, 1998
Details here



High Performance Back Issues
A listing with summarized tables of contents of all issues of High Performance dating back to 1978.

How to Order Back Issues
Copies of most issues of High Performance are still available, though some are rare and priced accordingly.

About High Performance
A brief description of the magazine and its history.

Art in the Public Interest
The Home Page for High Performance's nonprofit publisher.

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