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Following are brief descriptions of the contents of all High Performance magazines dating back to #1 in 1978. Sorry, it's not indexed, but you can search this page using the "Find" command on your browser. The more recent issues are linked to cover images and complete tables of contents. It is still possible to order copies of many of these issues.

High Performance #76 Vol. XX, No. 2, 1997
Our farewell issue. It looks back at some of the artists that appeared in High Performance over the previous 19 years, and talks a bit about all the stories we'd like to have done if we could afford to continue publishing.

High Performance #75 Vol. XX, No. 1, 1997
Marty Pottenger tells about her massive project, City Water Tunnel #3, Jan Cohen-Cruz writes about her experience doing community theater as part of the Americorps program, and Aida Mancillas tells how she integrates her artmaking into her neighborhood in "The Citizen Artist."

High Performance #74 Vol. XIX, No. 4, 1996
A special report on Art and Healthcare with a look at an Arts and Healthcare gathering, the largest arts-in-medicine program in the U.S., Susan Perlstein telling why a comprehensive healthcare system includes the arts, and choreographer Stuart Pimsler talks about working with healthcare workers.

High Performance #73 Vol. XIX, No. 3, 1996
An interview with artist Homer Jackson and his work in prisons, schools and his community; artist David Grant tells of teaching nonviolence in Rwanda; Choreographers meet at Jacob's Pillow to discuss their futures; Richard Posner splits his time between the studio and public art, and more.

High Performance #72 Vol. XIX, No. 2, 1996
The Environmental Justice Project with John O'Neal, Alice Lovelace on her residency in Tulsa, an interview with Augusto Boal, Linda Burnham on a new kind of arts conference, commentaries by Dan Kwong and Bill Cleveland and more.

 High Performance #71 Vol. XIX, No. 1, 1996
Teaching Dance in Prison by Leslie Neal, an Interview with arts and corrections veteran Grady Hillman, activist video artist Marshall Weber, a special section on Artists and Educational Reform by Linda Burnham and more.

High Performance #69/70 Vol. XVIII, No. 1/2, 1995
Interviews with Mary Jane Jacob and Blondell Cummings; Elders Share the Arts; essay by Arlene Goldbard; The Selma Project by Bob Leonard; Public Participation in the Public Art Process; the Hiroshima Suite; Project Row Houses; plus profiles, news, departments and more.

High Performance #68 Vol. XVII, No. 4, 1994
The Arts and Community Development by Gil Ott, Lynn Gosnell and Alan West; Equal Rights and Justice by Louinn Lota, The Chicago Coalition of Cultural Centers by Barbara Kensey, plus profiles, news, departments and more.

High Performance #67 Vol. XVII, No. 3, 1994
Santa Fe Teen Project by Steven Durland, Imagination Workshop by Bill Cleveland, Bill Strickland by Gil Ott, NEA Crisis by Richard Bolton, "Remembering the Future" by Patric Hedlund, plus profiles, news, departments and more.

High Performance #66 Vol. XVII, No. 2, 1994
Race and Redemption by Adams and Goldbard, Arts International by Linda Frye Burnham, Performance Art Is Dead by Jacki Apple, photos by Bill Bamberger, Art-21 by Steven Durland plus profiles, news, departments and more.

High Performance #65 Vol. XVII, No. 1, 1994
A South African Journal by Laurel Reuter, Literature On The Hoof by Sue Thornton, Kurdish Video Art by Ann Zimmerman, Puerto Rican Performance Festival by Susan Homar, New Public Art in Chicago by Carole Tormollan, plus profiles, news departments and more.

High Performance #64 Vol. XVI, No. 4, 1993
Special Issue: Alternate Roots and the Partnering of Artists and Communities. History of Community Arts by Arlene Goldbard, Community Performance by Richard Geer, Arts as Social Action by Mat Schwarzman, Partnering of Artists and Communities by Nayo Watkins, Critical Response by Liz Lerman, The Celebration of a Community's Culture by Donna Porterfield, plus portfolios, case studies and more.

High Performance #63 Vol. XVI, No. 3, 1993
Features: The Art of Storytelling by Adora Dupree, Violence Art And Hustle by Wanda Coleman, National Storytelling Festival, Swamp Gravy by Richard Geer, Beauty and the (Art) Beast by Jacki Apple, The Free Art Agreement by Guillermo Gómez-Peña, plus profiles of Teenstreet, Shozo Sato, Richard Kamler, The Fine Line, Beacon Street, And Terence Smith. Also Mad Monks On The Road, Foundation Arts Funding, Distributing Multicultural Media And More.

High Performance #62 Vol. XVI, No. 2, 1993
Features: The San Francisco Art Scene by Christine Tamblyn, Art Faces A Developmental Challenge by Linda Burnham, Water In The West Photo Feature, Hope Diamond by Richard Posner, Cleveland Performance Art Festival, plus profiles of Rhodessa Jones, Moira Hahn, Domingo Nuño & Julio Morales, Women's Art Registry of Minnesota, Lynne Hull and a photo feature of the March on Washington.

High Performance #61 Vol. XVI, No. 1, 1993
Features: The View From Here: Empowering the Children of Guatemala by Nancy McGirr, Survival Skills for Artists Working in Communities and Social Institutions by William Cleveland, artists Jay Critchley and Jerry Beck, Free Idea Zone: A Black Market of Ideas, Ironies in the Politics of Representation, plus profiles of Mzwakhe Mbuli, Elia Arce, Opus B, Lennie St. Luce, Ben Caldwell, ArtFBI, Deep Dish TV .

High Performance #60 Vol. XV, No. 4, 1992
Features: Alternative Histories: Artists Challenge The Official Story by Linda Burnham, Interview with John W. Outterbridge, Artists Touch the Dial of Public Access TV, Aerosoul Nation Photo Feature, plus profiles of Cornerstone Theater Company, Liz Lerman, Luis Alfaro, Helen Thorington, William Pope L.

High Performance #58/59 Vol. XV, No. 2/3, 1992
Special Double Issue: Bridges, Translations and Change by William Cleveland, The New World (B)Order by Guillermo Gómez-Peña, American Jihad by Allan Parachini, Theater of Choice, No Humans Involved Project, Prison Art, Gekidan Shiki's Rikoran, plus profiles of John Fleck, Han Ong, Split Britches, Holly's Comets.

High Performance Special Issue, 1992
Special Issue: "The Verdict and the Violence." This volume is devoted to the responses of more than 100 local artists, writers, teachers, children, parents and gangbangers to the Rodney King verdict and the subsequent L.A. uprising. Guest edited by Wanda Coleman and includes a free compact disc.

High Performance #57 Vol. XV, No. 1, 1992
Special Report: Patric Hedlund on Virtual Reality Warriors: Native American Culture in Cyberspace and Battle of The Cyberartists, Is It Technology or is It Just Bad Art?, Fascism in the Cyberstate by Gary Meyer, plus Mehmet Memo Sander Dance Co., Muntu Dance Theater, Against The Act of Union: Censorship & Visual Imagery in Northern Ireland.

High Performance #56 Vol. XIV, No. 4, 1991
Features: Interview with James Luna, a retrospective look at Shigeko Kubota's Video Work, interview with Peter Greenaway, Bruce Odland and Sam Auinger's Citydream in Salzburg, Marlon Riggs on Hollywood, interview with Barbara Trent of Empowerment Project.

High Performance #55 Vol. XIV, No. 3, 1991
Features: Interview with Andres Serrano by Coco Fusco, From Art-Maggedon To Gringo-Stroika by Guillermo Gómez-Peña, Michael Nash & Act Up/Denver by Lucy Lippard, Interview with Bill T. Jones, photo feature on Burning Art.

High Performance #54 Vol. XIV, No. 2, 1991
Features: Interview with filmmaker Todd Haynes, India Dances Around The Avant-Garde by Lewis Segal, Contemporary Chinese Artists, Six Men by The Bay: Photo Feature, Interview With Mark McGinnis, video artists William Bierne and Sara Hornbacher.

High Performance #53 Vol. XIV, No. 1, 1991
Features: Nights at the Opera, The Fat Lady Sings, Andy Warhol: The Opera, interview with Penelope Spheeris, Voyage to Prague, Czech Culture, A Trip to Moscow, The Art of N.S.K., and The Wall Came Tumbling Down.

High Performance #52 Vol. XIII, No. 4, 1990
Features: The Blues Aesthetic, with articles by E. Ethelbert Miller, Wanda Coleman, Keith Antar Mason, Pearl Cleage and interview with Roger "Hollywatts" Smith, A Chronology of Actions, Protests, Censorship and The NEA, Group Material's AIDS Timeline, special coverage of the 1990 Los Angeles Festival.

High Performance #51 Vol. XIII, No. 3, 1990
Features: David Wojnarowicz, Holly Hughes Exposes the NEA, Makalo Mofokeng, Hannah Wilke, Peter Cook and Kenny Lerner, Keep Your Fly Buttoned.

High Performance #50 Vol. XIII, No. 2, 1990
Special Report: Contemporary Arts In Japan&emdash;Dumb Type, Saburo Teshigawara and Company Karas, Min Tanaka, Akio Suzuki, Goji Hamada, Ko Nakajima, Yoko Ashikawa and Hakutobo, Masahiko Akuta, Butoh As Another Outbreak of Japanese Paganism.

High Performance #49 Vol. XIII, No. 1, 1990
Features: Diamanda Galas, Act Up, interview with Elizabeth LeCompte and Ruth Maleczech, Russian Butoh Group Derevo, interview with NAAO's Charlotte Murphy, AFI Video Festival, Alternate ROOTS, interview with Hirokazu Kosaka.

High Performance #48 Vol. XII, No. 4, 1989
Features: Don Adams and Arlene Goldbard's Faith, Reason and the Art of the Future, Jacki Apple's Slouching Towards the Next Millennium, The Artist of The Future, interview with Jaron Lanier, New Work in Video by Four Women, Beth Lapides' Globe-O-Mania, Bill Gordh and his Father, The Dance Brigade.

High Performance #47 Vol. XII, No. 3, 1989
Features: Guillermo Gómez-Peña's The Multicultural Paradigm, Carlos Villa's Ritual, interview with Ishmael Reed, Images of Censorship, Multiculturalism and Symbols, Bruce Nauman, Social After Images.

High Performance #46 Vol. XII, No. 2, 1989
Features: May Sun's L.A. / River / China / Town, interviews with playwright Keith Mason and sculptor Cris Bruch, Indonesian Shadow Puppet Theater, Chico MacMurtrie's Pneumatic Men, Joanna Frueh's Has The Body Lost Its Mind?

High Performance #45 Vol. XII, No. 1, 1989
Features: Urban Bush Women, Ja Kyung Rhee and Hye Sook of Theatre 1981, Molissa Fenley, Performance and Film Works of Valie Export, David Antin's The Fringe.

High Performance #44 Vol. XI, No. 4, 1988
Features: Live At The Project, An Irish Performance Art Festival, London's Edge 88 Experimental Art Festival, Lin Hixson and Goat Island, Installation-Events In Tokyo, Art and the Law, From Hugo Ball to Hugo Largo.

High Performance #43 Vol. XI, No. 3, 1988
Features: Los Angeles Poverty Department, Allan Kaprow Retrospective, Chris Burden Retrospective, WPA's "Cut/Across", Piotr Rypson, Omaha Magic Theatre, Performance Art and Shamanism, Art Billboards.

High Performance #41/2 Vol. XI, Nos. 1/2, 1988
Special Tenth Anniversary Double Issue: 90 Artists Discuss The Function of Art in Culture Today; Ana Mendieta, Karen Finley, Portuguese Performance Festival, Women's Art Issues, Ten-Year Index.

High Performance #40 Vol. X, No. 4, 1987
Special Report: Art/Environment/Ecology, The Guerrilla Theater of Greenpeace, Helen & Newton Harrison, Public Art, Earth Art, Art & Ceremony, Bene Fonteles and Luis Diaz.

High Performance #39 Vol. X, No. 3, 1987
Features: The Los Angeles Festival; Fringe Festival/Los Angeles, David Fulton, Charles Noyes, David Linton and Samm Bennett, Tony Labat, Documenta, Pipeline Theater, Marcel Duchamp, Jerri Allyn.

High Performance #38 Vol. X, No. 2, 1987
Features: John Cage Interviews, The Wooster Group, Sherman Fleming, LA's Poet Innovators, Postmodern Dance Gets Balleticized, Artists and their Dreams, Kwiek/Kulik.

High Performance #37 Vol. X, No. 1, 1987
Special Report: Video Art/Video Alternatives, Low-Level Content/Fast-Moving Ads, Video Art An Historical Sketch, A Few Arguments for the Appropriation of Television, Videowochen, Interactive Media and Human Response, Douglas Davis' "Menage A Trois," Robert Edgar, Kit Galloway, Sherrie Rabinowitz and Gene Youngblood, Bill Viola, Video Poetics.

High Performance #36 Vol. IX, No. 4, 1986
Special Report: Art & Crisis: Aids and The Gay Politic, Plato's Symposium, An Interview with David Schweizer, The Convergence of Art and Crisis, Common Knowledge, Tim Miller and Douglas Sadownick, John Greyson, Michelle Paymar.

High Performance #35 Vol. IX, No. 3, 1986
Features: Special Issue On Latino Art. A New Artistic Continent, The Artist As Citizen, Art With A Chicano Accent (Chicano Art In Los Angeles), Regina Vater, Marie-Judite Dos Santos, Catalina Parra, Yellow Springs Institute.

High Performance #34 Vol. IX, No. 2, 1986
Features: Lily Tomlin and Jane Wagner, Terrorism and Performance, Commerce On The Edge, San Francisco's Visual Theater, Marina Abramovic and Ulay, Spalding Gray/Eric Bogosian/Bill Irwin.

High Performance #33 Vol. IX, No. 1, 1986
Features: Joseph Beuys, Michael Smith, Subversive Acts, Godfrey Reggio, Art in a Community Context, Butoh, Banff Art Centre, Michel Lemieux, Anna Halprin.

High Performance #32 Vol. VIII, No. 4, 1985
Features: Bob & Bob, What Time Is Live Art, Tom Marioni, Art and Death In Seattle, Lynn Hershman, Performance in Vancouver, El Teatro Campesino, John Giorno, Lev Nussberg.

High Performance #31 Vol. VIII, No. 3, 1985
Special Report: Experimental Music in America: A History of New Music, New Music In L.A., World Music, Sound Sculpture, Cross-Overs. Festival Catalog.

High Performance #30 Vol. VIII, No. 2, 1985
Special Report: Almost Live Art (Installations, Kinetic Sculpture, Street Works), Gallery L.A. Art Talks Back, Charles Ray, Capp Street Project, Survival Research Laboratories, Public Sculpture and Performance. Features: Notes on Three Erections, NAAO Convention.

High Performance #29 Vol. VIII, No. 1, 1985
Features: Riding The New Wave: Brooklyn Academy of Music, Spalding Gray (Traveling Through New England, Swimming to Cambodia), Imploring Silence, Paul McCarthy, Vanalyne Green, Target Video, Glenn Branca, Salon Bon Ton.

High Performance #28 Vol. VII, No. 4, 1984
Features: Parodying Parody, Andy Kaufman, Ernie Kovacs and The San Francisco International Video Festival, American Film Institute Video Festival, Jacki Apple, Deep Inside Porn Stars, Genqui Numata, Live Art In Mexico City, Komar and Melamid, Doron Gazit, Orlan, Ellen Sebastian, Steve Reich, Bill Talen. Photo Feature: Performance Art Photographers.

High Performance #27 Vol. VII, No. 3, 1984
Special Feature: Olympic Arts Festival (Pina Bausch, Sankaijuku, Le Theatre Du Soleil, Nightfire, Cricot 2, Twyla Tharp, National Video Festival). Features: Linda Montano/Tehching Hsieh, Jim Carroll, Nihilist Olympics, Penelope Spheeris, Electronic Cafe, Chris Burden, Elizabeth Streb, Invisible Seattle, Tamara, Fluxus.

High Performance #26 Vol. VII, No. 2, 1984
Special Report: Live Art in Los Angeles: The TV Generation, Hollywood Performance, Michael Kelley, Suzanne Lacy, Olympic World Poetry Festival, 5-Minute Performance Olympics, Rachel Rosenthal's D.B.D. Experience, Jac Mote. L.A. Music, Dance Film & Video. Features: Laurie Anderson, Molissa Fenley, George Coates, Pat Oleszko, Yayoi Kusama. Elaine Hindin.

High Performance #25 Vol. VII, No. 1, 1984
Special Report: Performance in England and Ireland. Features: Artist Call Against U.S. Intervention In Central America, Nancy Buchanan & Nicaragua, Kim Jones & Vietnam, Rolando Pena & The Oil Game.

High Performance #24 Vol, VI, No. 4, 1983
Features: Ant Farm, Lucinda Childs, No Se No, Doo Dah Parade, Harvey Kubernik, 19th Century Protoperformance, The Church of The Subgenius, Teaching Performance In Montana. Interviews: Stelarc, Philip Glass, Zev.

High Performance #23 Vol. VI, No. 3, 1983
Two LP Records Featuring Songs by: Jo Harvey Allen, Terry Allen, Jacki Apple, Bob & Bob, Linda Burnham, Carole Caroompas, Philip-Dimitri Galas, Bill Gordh, Bill Harding, Citizen Kafka, The Kipper Kids, Jill Kroesen, Paul McCarthy, Michael Peppe, Bill Talen, Johanna Went, Martha Wilson.

High Performance #22 Vol. VI, No. 2, 1983
Features: Why Our Art Is So Bad, Representing Yourself, How To Communicate With An American Artspace. Artist Chronicle: Basement Group, Binion, Curmano, Curtay, Cutler-Shaw, Fergusson, Finley/Kipper, Galas, Gazzo, Gerlovins, Grey, Jonas, Knowles, Maclennan, Mogul, Neoist, Peppe, Rosler, Sherk, Sisters of Survival, Unarm, White, Wise, Woodall.

High Performance #21 Vol. VI, No. 1, 1983
Features: Frank Moore, Cheri Gaulke, Tom Klinkowstein's Video, China Performances of Moe Meyer and Michael Bitney, England's Natural Theatre, Artists Having Children, Art/Protest/L.A., Geese Theatre Company, Ping Chong, Denver's Tag Action, Interview With Jeff Gordon. Portfolio: Oleszko, Johnson, Pekar, Lerner & Turner, Bill Harding, Don Milliken.

High Performance #20 Vol. V, No. 4, 1982
All Photo Issue: Shuler, Woronov, Oleszko, Galas, Scott, Mogul, Hsieh, Bakker, Alpert, Damon, Finley, Schneemann, McCarthy, Nishio, Lord, Rosenthal, Best, Burnham, Fergusson, Mote, Curmano, Bob & Bob, Osterhage, Macadams, Smith, Cotton, Binion, Jones, Cleveland, Rolfe, Buchanan, Harding & Carson, Sobel, Grey, Waitresses, Zweig, Wilkinson/Sicilian, Markowitz, Truck, Riegelman, Exit Art.

High Performance #19 Vol. V, No. 3, 1982
Features: Artspaces III, Kerouac Festival, Illegal Performance, Harvey Pekar, SF Theater Festival, Belgium's Theater Banlieue, Michael Ventura, Franklin Furnace, The Kitchen, A's, NYPADD, Judson Theater, Ukeles, Wendkos, Hsieh, Miller, Bogosian, Gray, Kroesen, Lapides, Skipitares

High Performance #17/18 Vol. V, Nos 1/2, 1982
Features: Chicago Performance, Alex Grey, RPM, The Art Record, Duplex Planet, Why Performance Art Is So Boring, The Road Warrior, Plus A Flexi-Disk With Burden, Applebroog and Fine. Artist's Chronicle: 123 Performances From Around The World.

High Performance #16 Vol. IV, No. 4, 1981
Features: San Francisco Post-Hep, Russian Performance, Taboo Subjects, Tacit, Nightclubbing With Burroughs, Giorno and Anderson, poetry by John Bennett.

High Performance #15 Vol. IV, No. 3, 1981
Features: Plimptonization, Seemayer's Young Turks, LA's White/Male Sixties Show, Brandl's Dusk Rituals for Egypt, Barbara Smith's Birthdaze, Seattle Performance, Correspondence Art. Interviews with Bonnie Sherk and Mark Boyle.

High Performance #14 Vol. IV, No. 2, 1981
Feature: Five Women Performance Poets (Waldman, Kyger, Smith, Hagedorn, Hawkins). Artist's Chronicle: Banana, Bob & Bob, Buchanan, Cantsin, Edelson, Feminist Art Workers, Gordh, Grey, Harding, Henes, Hsieh, Hudson, Jones, Kelley, Knowles, Labowitz, Montano, Pauline, Rolfe, Rosenthal, Sapien, Schloss, Skipitares, Smith, Sobel, Waitresses.

High Performance #13 Vol. IV, No. 1, 1981
Features: Point Out&emdash;Paul McCarthy Points Out Churchill, Cotton, Export, Maciunas, Picard, Piper, Stoerchle, Eleanor Antinova's Journal, Ten from Academie&emdash;Ten Artists on Teaching Performance (Burden, Smith, Antin, Kaprow, Montano, Meyers, Gaulke, Best, Garoian, Lacy)

High Performance #11/12 Vol. III, Nos. 3/4, 1980
Features: Public Spirit, Why Not LA, The Woman's Building. Artist's Chronicle: Angelo, Bean, Belt, Benjamin, Benom, Ledonne-Bhennet, Binion, Bob & Bob, Brown, Buchanan, Burden, Hansen, Caroompas, C.V. Massage, Cypis, Dreva, Duncan, Evans, Fanna, Fat and Fucked Up, Feminist Art Workers, Garner, Green, Jenkins, Jones, Kaprow, Kazanjian, Kipper Kids, Klick, Kreisel, Labowitz, Lacy, Lloyd, Macadams, Markowitz, Mavor, Mccarthy, Newton, Nishio, Roberts, Rosenthal, Seemayer, Smith, Stone, Waitresses, Went, White, Wolverton.

High Performance #10 Vol. III, No. 2, 1980
Features: American Performance Festival in Italy (Burden, Anderson, McCarthy, Heyward, Disband, Newton) by Linda Burnham; Battle of New Orleans by Suzanne Lacy; Cafe E*pit'o*me; Public Arts International; artist chronicle.

High Performance #9 Vol. III, No. 1, 1980
Jerry Dreva; Stephen Seemayer; U.S. Performance Spaces; artist chronicle including Alpert, Gordh, Smith, Rosenthal, Allyn, Schill, more.

High Performance #8 Vol. II, No. 4, 1979
Sam Hsieh; Oral Herstory of Lesbianism; Alzek Misheff; Lena Rivkin; Kim Jones; artist chronicle including Waitresses, Lacy/Labowitz, Antin, Buchanan, more.

High Performance #7 Vol. II, No. 3, 1979
Performance Art in Southern California by Linda Burnham; Les Levine; Aviva Rahmani; artist chronicle including Jones, Rosenthal, Pou, Turkovsky, Misheff, Labat, Disband, Cantsin, Higgins, Wong, more.

High Performance #6 Vol. II, No. 2, 1979
Carolee Schneemann; Bob & Bob; Donna Henes; Peter Frank; Close Radio; LaMamelle; A Space; artist chronicle.

High Performance #5 Vol. II, No. 1, 1979
Chris Burden; Anna Banana/Dadaland; T.R. Uthco; Gina Pane; Anne Bean; artist chronicle including Kriesche, Rolfe, Labat, Rosenthal, Feminist Art Workers, more.

High Performance #4 Vol. I, No. 4, 1978
Dead Dog & Lonely Horse (Bill Gordh and John Malpede); Linda Montano; Petr Stembera; CLOSE Radio; Dick Higgins; artist chronicle including Mother Art, Klauke, Pane, McCarthy, more.

High Performance #3 Vol. I, No. 3, 1978
Kipper Kids; Hermann Nitsch; Some Serious Business; artist chronicle including Smith/Lacy, Bustos, Gordh/Malpede, Waitresses, Feminist Art Workers, more.

High Performance #2 Vol. I, No. 2, 1978
Darryl Sapien; Paul McCarthy; LaMamelle; artist chronicle including Rosenthal, Pane, Labowitz, Rosler, Gaulke, Wilson, Jones, Darling, more.

High Performance #1 Vol. I, No. 1, 1978
Suzanne Lacy; Norma Jean DeAk; LAICA; artist chronicle including Smith Pomeroy, Sapien, Pane, Knowles, McCarthy, Buchanan, Klauke, more.

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